Buying real estate is a smart investment and a reliable way to monitor the accumulation of wealth over time.

With a low ownership rate, Swiss real estate is a healthy sector, well-regulated and consistently increasing in value. Property acquisition remains a thoughtful gesture.

Attica Immobilier has over 20 years of private and commercial real estate marketing experience, project management experience in remodeling and renovation, and extensive experience in home staging and interior design.

Our partners adhere to the meticulous "business ethics" of Attica Immobilier by actively supporting the "Fondazione AClem"(www.aclem.ch), humanitarian actions in favor of children. This is a public utility, tax-exempt and without wage costs. (1% of all Attica sales is donated to the AClem Foundation.)

Tassilo Boscacci
Administrator of Attica Immobilier

Our services


ATTICA Immobilier is not only a brokerage agency but is, above all, a family story passed on from father to son. Beyond the experience and skills required by the real estate profession, an efficient broker is above all a human being endowed with empathy and ethical values.

With family, comes experience!

For over the past 40 years, we have been tirelessly dedicated to earning the confidence and the highest satisfaction of our customers.

The passing on of this know-how is what allows us today to occupy a premier place in the market.


There are as many investments as there are investors. Not all are equal in terms of value. Not all seek the same objectives. Whether you are looking to create or develop your heritage, the choice of real estate is strategic.

Attica Immobilier guides you through many steps and offers you an analysis of the property's attractiveness, as well as its expertise acquired along the years to this day.


The valuation of your land or property is an intricate process. One which requires knowing how to consider all possible options. It entails the development of a project and its financing, with continued support until the property is commercialized or leased.

It is thus essential to be closely accompanied in this endeavor by an experienced professional, attentive to your needs, to help you make the best possible choices.


Skill - Experience - Partnerships - Trust and above all Passion!

Real-estate development is a way of being.

ATTICA Promotions is also the creative approach to think of living spaces differently Passion for the quality of materials and finishes, coupled with aesthetic values, in natural, beautiful and generous environments.

ATTICA Promotions tirelessly perfects its projects by creating living spaces that are naturally contemporary. Good design defies time!

In addition to all these equally important roles, real estate development is above all a complete mission of assistance in the realization of your project.

Whether in the city, or the mountains, in Switzerland or beyond, we are here to help you make your dreams come true.