ATTICA Promotions

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Promoting Real Estate is the business of men, of contractors, of partners, of skills and of trust, but mostly of passion.
For all the site choices and constructions we develop, we innovate and promote our brand image based on this state of mind and philosophy. With our directors’ 30 years of combined experience, Attica Promotions always strives to improve our projects by seeking inspiration for the contemporary living spaces that we create. Currently, the concept is key. The design has to challenge time. Comfort keeps life dynamic.

The millennium is a time of wisdom and maturity. The firm built our reputation and our excellent performance standards by offering high-quality, honest work in our products, our services and our relationships.

The vision and business model of Attica Promotions is to search for unique ways of developing living spaces and high-end real estate. We offer quality materials and finishes, esthetic values and a real will to integrate our buildings into their natural, beautiful and generous environment.

In urban settings and in the mountains, in locations that have a genuine spirit and vibrant energy, Attica Promotions offers an unparalleled experience.

Rosario & Laura Boscacci
Administrators of Attica Promotions SA
Co-founders of AClem Foundation